5 proven tips to recover from a PR disaster

By Niamh Dunne

PR scandals or crises: while they make great headlines in the newspaper, they can leave a company in a PR frenzy. Most PR pros do everything in their power to avoid a scandal, but that is not always possible. Many companies have come under fire in recent years such as Pepsi, Uber and most notably Facebook with the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. But how do you recover from a PR disaster?

Here at MediaHQ, we are giving you five tips on how to recover from a PR scandal.

  1. Admit responsibility straight away

If your company is in the midst of PR crisis, you need to get out in front. Delaying a reaction or comment from the company will only lead to the public’ trust to decrease. Let’s look at the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg failed to comment straight away. After a hearing in US Congress, Zuckerberg finally made a public statement on the scandal, but by then the damage had already been done. Getting out in front of the issue allows you to take control of the outlet before it unravels and becomes the ultimate PR disaster. 

  1. Be honest

Transparency is key when in the middle of a PR disaster. There is no point in trying to hide the truth, especially if it all comes out at a later stage. Consumers will react better to honesty as it shows a company is genuine in their apology and want to make amends. Concealing the truth and if it comes out later, customer trust in your brand will plummet. If a customer cannot trust your brand, then it makes it harder to 

  1. Monitor social media

Social media is the key platform to analysing the public’s reaction to a scandal. Monitoring social media gives you the customer’s perspective on the scandal, which can be useful in deciding what way to tackle the scandal. It also allows the company to interact with customers and responding to the scandal on a regular basis. This is also the best way to review if customers are responding well to the recovery campaign.

  1. Show empathy or remorse

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to show no remorse or empathy to the customers it has impacted. When a PR scandal has impacted customers, awarding compensation for your mistakes is the best way forward. Customers react positively to when a company tries to right a wrong. 

  1. Implement a united message

In the middle a PR disaster, the entire company needs to be delivering the same, united message. As a company, you need to prevent a strong front with a united team all dedicated to rectifying the issue at hand. If anyone on the team strays from the messaging of the company, then it appears that the company is in internal turmoil.

Here at MediaHQ, we strive ourselves in always looking out for our clients in any situation, even a PR disaster. Looking for more information click here or call Gaye on (01) 2541845 to find out more.



Niamh Dunne

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