How to write an EGG-cellent quote for your press release

17.04.19 quote

Many journalists and PR professionals forget how effective an attention-grabbing quote can be at sparking an interest in your campaign. With the flood of press releases overwhelming journalists every week, it is crucial for yours to stand out from the crowd. However easy the theory may sound, the practice of writing a good quote can prove difficult. It may often seem inspiration is lacking when deciding to sit down to write your quote.

Nonetheless, our team here at MediaHQ have compiled a list of tactics we think will set you on the right track towards creating that EGG-cellent quote this Easter.

There are many different types of quotes you can choose from. Having the choice between a witty, emotion-stirring or analogical quote can be difficult but can be used in your favour. Its suitability to your content is crucial. Choosing a humorous quote to represent a serious topic would not be the best course of action. An indifferent or even misleading quote will not offer your press release anything special. It can be the difference between getting coverage or not, so remember to hone in on not only its effectiveness but its relevance to the content that follows.

There are many questions to ask yourself both before and after writing your quote. Does it add value to the content? Does it impact the topic at hand? Is it simply a summary of your press release? These kinds of questions will pave the path towards the creation of a successful quote.

Is it newsworthy?

Keeping your quote relevant to current affairs and reflective of the press release itself is the first step. It is more likely to be taken up by a journalist if it shows connection to world issues. A quote that adds context to the story is something journalists and clients look out for in a campaign. Your quote must offer information and hold value within it, otherwise your effort goes to waste. Learning the art of news-jacking will leave a good impression on the journalist which may get you the coverage you’re looking for. It needs to portray the why of your press release in a clear and precise manner, offering an alternate insight to the topic of discussion.

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Does it discuss a problem?

Does your press release address a particular problem and is this evident in your quote? Your quote should not be a short simple explanation of what is to follow but a representation of what is to come. A good way to ensure your press release is challenging a problem correctly is incorporating some data into the quote. Throughout the press release you can offer a solution, present more facts and figures while describing the overall sector more adequately. This allows you to legitimize your quote and reinforce your point of view.

Does it evoke emotion?

Adding an empathic human angle to your quote will humanise your campaign making it more appealing to clients and journalists. Making your quote personal will breathe some life into your press release as a whole and in turn transform a possibly uninspiring news story to one of great human-interest. Using an analogy or metaphor in your quote can work wonders for your press release due to its visualisation of the point, especially if the topic is not easily explained or understood. Weaving these literacy skills into your quote is a sign of a true writer as good use of language is embedded in these techniques.

Could it be inspirational?

Using hopeful inclusive language is another method that can help humanise your story and impact your campaign in a personal way. Bringing emotion to your quote will help you get the coverage you’re looking for due to its sensitive appeal. Personal words, feelings, emotions, experiences, all these have the ability to trigger a reader’s empathy as it gives a physical form to our thoughts and emotions.


Could it be humorous?

Adding a punchy, witty quote to your press release can be a good representation as it begins on a lighter note. This can add a different slant on the issue being discussed. The last thing you want is a monotonous quote to represent a not-so fascinating topic. It can be difficult to put a creative spin on something business-like. Therefore, starting off on a comical note can be a good approach. Having the courage to present your stance in a light-hearted manner can make your campaign more engaging and less robotic.

What to avoid

Your press release does not only depend on the contents of your quote, but also what it omits. Things like clichés, jargon, irrelevant content and repetition of the press release should not be seen in your quote. Ensure every word is relevant, keep it short, concise and to the point. The last thing you want is a mouthful of fluff where-by the end you are no closer to understanding the topic. You may have a compelling story, but without an equally captivating quote it will do nothing to advance your work.

Using these tactics can extend your appeal to a wider audience through your unique perspective on a standard story. Overall, you must remember to provide your quote with every aspect its reader will need to understand the press release. You can twist it conveying your own take on the piece as well as what direction you want your readership to lean towards. Use the quote to advance and add to your story rather than summarising it. Keep in mind that the quote you choose should never be an afterthought. It represents the content, your whole press release is relying on the quote to be innovative, therefore the same amount of thought should be dedicated to it.

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