Why Storytelling is the Ultimate Weapon?

By MediaHQ

Without a story our brand, idea, product, or cause is dead,- it has no reach. It lacks a major factor to make it attractive and successful. Humans aren’t moved by facts. The aren’t moved by data. They aren’t moved by slides, spreadsheets or charts. What they are moved by however is emotion. The best way to form such a connection with potential clients is to start with “Once upon a time…”

Here at MediaHQ.com we have helped our clients share over X stories in the media. From new projects to jobs, challenges and good news, we have helped organisations big and small get their story heard.

As a result, we have come to learn the true art of storytelling and indeed what makes a good story. We want to share this vital knowledge with you.

You know why? Bottom line, it works.

Like every good story, it acts as a vehicle for delivering a message, and in the case of business;- sneaking a message into the minds of potential clients. It plays on the powers of persuasion. We are more accepting and interested in emotional issues rather than logical ones. Storytelling has been at the root of every community and society throughout mankind, it has brought people together, entertained, created relationships, gathered societies, why shouldn’t it do the same for building business relationships? Surely, its worth a shot.

Brand Storytelling is a 1-day workshop aimed at businesses and organisations who want to use storytelling to increase their ability to connect, influence and create lasting trustworthy relationships with clients and consumers.

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