Using your smart phone to create great images

By Alex Sheehan

It’s clear in this day and age you need to be able to create content on the go. The easiest way to create eye catching and engaging content is photographs.

1. Editing Apps; your smart phone may be versatile but it wont have as good a picture as professional cameras. This is where editing comes in to play and it really couldn’t be easier, simply download an editing app and there you go. The app you choose should reflect your editing skills, you can choose the straightforward Instagram to the more advance Adobe Photoshop app.

2. Be consistent and stand out; So many businesses and organisations upload photographs daily, you want yours to stand out and for people to recognise your photos. So why not use a specific frame or colour scheme for each image, then people will know it’s your organisation right off the bat. You can also try unusual techniques such as split screens, which show a number of images within the one image. These techniques will make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

3. Share, share, share; there’s no point in taking a great photograph and nobody getting to view it. There are so many photo sharing sites out there that now have apps for smart phones. From Flickr to Dropbox to Tumblr, the only hard part is choosing which sites are for you. These sites also provide new audiences for your organisation or business.

Taking, editing and sharing photographs from your smart phone really is that simple.



Alex Sheehan

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