How to Use Search Engine Optimisation for Public Relations Purposes

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The world of PR is evolving and becoming more digitised than ever before. Today, many public relations plans are dependent on a variety of digital tools which are intrinsic to any business or organisation’s success. Things like social media, digital or ambient advertising and marketing are important for brand outreach or communicating your product or services on a digital platform.

One useful tool PR people often overlook is search engine optimisation (SEO). We’ll broadly run you through some of the ways that you can use SEO to empower your PR campaigns in a digitally evolving context.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation. It can be simply described as an internet marketing strategy or the process of getting more traffic for your website from organic searches people input in their browser.

Research has shown that websites listed on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of clicks. Crafting the perfect SEO is a brilliant PR strategy to navigate people towards your website and to curate visitors which could be potential customers. It is often something that is overlooked in the technicalities of PR plans, but we’re here to show you how to use it to gain an advantage in the digital marketplace and to take the grunt work out of PR.

Increase your company’s online visibility

Like every other aspect of your PR campaign, one of your key objectives will be to get positive coverage of your product or service or to generate widespread awareness to attract the attention of existing and prospective customers. The difference with SEO is that it helps you to procure better visibility on Google searches for your website to ensure it is getting the recognition and hits it deserves. SEO helps amplify your social media and digital content by collating search data based on your target audience and applying them to your website links. This way, when people search for a word or a short phrase, your website could appear among some of the first returned searches.

Boost your sales

The goal of many PR campaigns is to boost brand awareness and inspire people to invest in your product or service. SEO can help PR professionals achieve their digital marketing and sales goals by gaining better visibility online. If you use SEO effectively, you will be able to navigate more traffic to your website whereby people can make purchases.

SEO helps you to know your audience better

Like any PR or marketing campaign, it is important that you know your audience so you can tailor your engagement and advertising efforts accordingly. With SEO, it is important to conduct even deeper research into your existing and prospective stakeholder audiences to understand their internet activity. With the evolution of digital technology and the constantly growing popularity of social media, SEO helps you to refine your stakeholder research by focusing on keywords that perk people’s interests online. Based on this, working with SEO will allow you as a PR person to deepen your market research to procure a niche knowledge of your audience in a more digitally imbued context.

Maximise links in media coverage

An important part of PR campaigns is procuring earned media coverage. Earned media refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising. This would largely include getting social media endorsements of your social media content, infographics or web videos which empower your campaign and what it is you’re selling.
SEO can help you optimise the links contained in your earned media coverage to navigate online traffic from social media to your website. For example, SEO can help you get even more hits for the links in your company press releases, blog posts or online articles.
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