How to translate your brand story to PR

12.10.16 Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a story, but not every brand knows how to tell it. 

This best communicators are the best storytellers, and if there’s one thing people always remember- it’s a great story.

Here are some tips to improve your storytelling and PR. 

The 4 Ps

  • People 

The story needs to be about someone. People interact with other people.

If you’re launching a new product, tell a story from the perspective of someone that uses the product.

Also, think about who are the unsung heroes at your company? Who are the people who have interesting jobs but don’t interact with the public? Tell their stories.

  • Places  

If the story is about someone at your company or even about someone outside of your company, go to where they work and live.

Paint a visual picture with words and images about where the story took place.

  • Process 

Instead of just telling a story about the product, tell the story about the process it took to create the product.

Try and include tensions, ups and downs. There’s nothing quite like a story that involves a character overcoming a major setback, it might even inspire someone.

  • Product 

“If you have a product to sell, don’t just launch the product, tell a story instead”. Steve Clayton, Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller, says that it’s important to remember that a good product does not make a good story.

Can you feel it?

A sure way to grab peoples attention is to make them feel. If you can use the 4 Ps to make people feel, you’ve got a solid story.

Think about what emotion you want to communicate and then provide the information to support that emotion in your story.

If your story can make someone sad, happy, angry, or motivated, then they already feel more alive. They’ll remember that.


We’ve all heard the saying that a picture tells a thousand words, and it does.

If you can get your images right, your story can go a long way. Poor images won’t get picked-up on covers of big newspapers.

Videos are also wonderful ways to use the above 4 Ps to show what your brand story is all about.

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Conor Hawkins