Trade Focus: How to pitch to Senior Times

By Conor Shields

As PR pros, we know how important it is to get our clients as much coverage as possible. However, we should also be aware that it is equally as important that our pitches are reaching the right publications. You wouldn’t send a release about new environmental legislation to a teenage fashion magazine now, would you?

Pitches should always be tailored in a way which is easily digestible for an editor. Otherwise, you might find your release or pitch on its way to the recycle bin. Remember, they’re always looking to fill pages but only with relevant content!

Trade publications are a great platform for clients who operate in a mainly niche industry and they tend to be open to a pitch, once it fits the bill.

In order to help get you ‘pitch-perfect’ and start connecting with the right audience, each week at MediaHQ we’re going to shine the spotlight on a different trade publication listed in our database. We highlight any news/features/columns which feature regularly and ask the editors for their top tips when pitching a story to them. This week we spoke to John Low, Editor of Senior Times.


As the name might suggest, Senior Times is a magazine/website which produces engaging and thought provoking content with the elderly in mind. This monthly publication aims to deliver relevant news stories related to over 50’s and also interesting feature pieces and interviews. Since its inception over 20 years ago, Senior Times has become a popular purchase for Ireland’s elderly community and continues to strive today.

Editor-in-Chief John Low has worked in journalism all his life, originally starting out as a junior reporter for the Press Association in London before coming to Ireland. John has been with Senior Times since its foundation and continues to enjoy his work to this very day.

“I like the response from readers, particularly when you believe you have published good pieces and they praise them. Also the variety of the articles we use adds a lot of interest to what we do,” said John.

Clearly if the content is getting praised like that, their must be a killer editorial team behind it all. Right? Well it may come as a surprise to know that John is the ONLY editorial staff member for Senior Times!

“I am the only editorial person, but most of the content of the magazine is from our team of contributors,” explained John.

As the majority of the content is sourced through contributors, John is no stranger to a pitch email from freelancers. But what exactly is sought after in a good pitch? What can you add to your pitch which might give it a better chance of getting picked up?

“I look for the article to be well researched and presented with no typos and looking as professional as possible,” said John.

So, any advice for future hopefuls?

“Research the type of articles we run. Go to our website. Read previous issues. Our regular features  include those on creative writing, travel, health, consumer affairs, wine and food and fashion,” he continued.


Senior Times takes most of their pitches through the editorial email address which is available on MediaHQ

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Conor Shields

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