Top tips for writing that killer subject line

By Anna Henderson
Subject Line

Your subject line is the first impression you have on your recipient and it determines whether your email is opened, read or even clicked.

That journalist/media professional you’re sending your press release to receives over 200 emails a day into their inbox, so it’s crucial that your subject line is eye-catching.

Here are some tricks we’ve come up with to help you create a killer subject line:

Will you marry me?

Your subject line doesn’t have to be as dramatic (or personal) as a marriage proposal but by composing a compelling question, immediately it will pique curiosity from the reader and they will want to click into your email to find out more.



When we see our name included in a subject line, it feels as if we’re communicating with a friend. Including the recipient’s first name in the subject line, like ‘Mark, we really wanted to share…’ will make your email seem personal and will stand out from all the other emails in the inbox.



There’s never an excuse for a subject line with all capital letters. Disruptive tactics don’t work for emails.  No one likes to be shouted at and it’ll probably result in your email heading straight for the bin. Too many exclamation marks look like spam, so these are best avoided as well.



Don’t write your life story

Keep subject lines short, with no more than 50 characters. The point of a subject line is to write a teaser for the rest of the email. If you’re writing a paragraph in your subject line you’re going to lose the reader’s attention immediately. Most people scan through emails, deciding which ones to open and which to ignore so ensure your subject line is straight to the point.

Subject Line


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Anna Henderson

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