Top Irish & UK Cricket Journalists

By Cathal McCabe

While it may not currently get the same publicity in Ireland as competitions for other sports such as football or rugby, the Cricket World Cup has become a massive global event in recent years. The 2019 competition, currently being hosted in England and Wales, has been watched by over 1 billion people from all around the world. With an audience this large, the world of cricket journalism has expanded too.

To celebrate the world cup, we at MediaHQ have decided to compile a list of some of the top cricket journalists, both in Ireland and the UK.

Odran Flynn

Odran Flynn is a journalist who writes about Irish cricket for Cricket Europe, which is one of the main sources of news for Irish cricket, detailing the movements of the main senior squads, as well as interesting developments at the youth level. He has written notable articles in newspapers detailing the rise of the sport in Ireland, especially their historic 2011 World Cup victory over England. He is also a political analyst.

Ger Siggins

Ger Siggins is a journalist who writes primarily about cricket and rugby. Siggins is often the first in the country to break a story about Irish cricket, be it about the construction of a national stadium, or about Cricket Ireland’s recent trials and tribulations with cyber fraud. In the spirit of the 2019 World Cup, Siggins recently wrote a humorous piece in the Irish Times fantasising about an Irish victory in the 2031 World Cup final.

Ian Callender

Ian Callender is a freelance writer who writes for the Sunday Times and Belfast Telegraph, among others. Whenever an important match is taking place in the world of Irish cricket, Ian Callender’s Twitter page will give you insightful updates every few overs, with his match report available in the paper the following day. Ian has been an important part of various match commentary teams, and has been described by the editor of The Ulster Cricketer as “virtually an integral part of the Irish set-up”

Michael Atherton

Moving onto the UK, where cricket journalists tend to be more prominent in public life, Michael Atherton is one of the country’s most notable cricket journalists. A former England international cricketer, Michael has become a cricket commentator with Sky Sports and cricket correspondent of The Times. He has won multiple awards such as Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards, and has been one of the leading commentators for the 2019 World Cup.

Tim Wigmore

Whereas journalists such as Michael Atherton cover the direct action in the games, Tim Wigmore is more well-known for his analysis and investigations of the behind-the-scenes developments in the cricketing world. He has written on the business and politics of cricket, the globalisation of sport, sports science and technology. He writes for The Daily Telegraph but has contributed to The Economist, The New York Times and more. He recently published an article which criticised the lax nature of doping tests for the Cricket World Cup.
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Cathal McCabe

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