Top 5 journalists to follow for the latest Brexit updates

06.02.19 5 political correspondents to follow for Brexit

Brexit has dominated the news headlines for the last two years and as the March 29 deadline looms, uncertainties surrounding the deal and outcomes only intensify. It’s been a long process with many twists and turns and there’s still not a whole lot of clarity about what’s going to happen once the withdrawal from the EU takes place. 

With so many different voices being mixed into the conversation it can be difficult to find accurate and concise information. To cut through the noise and to keep on top of all breaking news we’ve put together a list of the top five must-follow political correspondents.

Gavan Reilly

Political Correspondent with Virgin Media News, Gavan has often been one of the first with breaking Brexit news. Along with appearing on Virgin Media’s flagship news programmes, Gavan also delivers up to date information to his followers on Twitter. His threads consistently deliver detailed information which sees his audience being kept in the loop at all times.

Tony Connelly

Tony Connelly is RTÉ’s Europe Editor, as well as co-presenter of the Brexit Republic podcast. Having written extensively on the subject, Tony also released a book titled “Brexit & Ireland” in 2017 with an updated version republished in May 2018. Through the complexity and constant turmoil of the Brexit process, Tony provides a shining light of clarity.

Jennifer Bray

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Bray is the Political Reporter with the Irish Times, having previously held the position of Deputy Political Editor with The Times Ireland. Jennifer consistently writes accurate and crucial stories of the practical actions of Brexit and is well worth a follow to keep up to date with the latest happenings.

Hugh O’ Connell

Hugh O’Connell is a political correspondent with the Sunday Business Post and can often be heard on current affairs radio and television programmes.

Hugh’s Twitter is awash with the latest updates from the Brexit talks. While updates can often be hard to come by Hugh often manages to get the inside scoop before many of his counterparts. His followers are treated to detailed analysis of political events and developments as and when they happen.

Ailbhe Conneely

Aibhe Conneely is a Political Reporter with RTÉ News, having worked in the national broadcaster since 2003. Ailbhe regularly provides her Twitter followers with updates from the Brexit debates including video clips live from the Dáil.

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