Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Journalists


For the shear love of all things hair, style and wisdom, June 26th is National Beautician’s Day. 

It’s a day to show your appreciation to the people who make you look beautiful. A beautician can include not only your hairstylist, but your manicurist, masseuse, facialist, fashion stylist or any other person who makes you look and feel beautiful.
In honour of everyone who makes us feel good about ourselves we at MediaHQ have decided to take a look at five popular Irish and UK fashion and beauty journalists to see how they’re contributing to the industry.

Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro is Editor in Chief of Irish fashion magazine Stellar. She was previously a freelance features journalist, working across several titles including Style, U Magazine, the website Buzzfeed and The Herald newspaper.
Vicki also worked at the Irish Independent for several years, and was the editor of supplements Day & Night, Insider Magazine and Fit Magazine. She writes features, lifestyle, human interest and pop culture stories.
Her most recent decision to feature Nadine Reid, Xpose host, on the cover of Stellar as the first plus-size woman of colour to grace the cover of an Irish fashion magazine shows just how far the fashion and beauty industry has come in Ireland and how far it has left to go.

Sarah Halliwell

Sarah Halliwell is the Beauty Editor at The Gloss magazine. She has held this position since 2011.
Sarah covers new launches, trends and beauty events for the magazine as well as interviewing the powerhouses of the make-up industry. She has been writing about beauty for 20 years and this year has been nominated for a Jasmine Award—a non-profit educational organisation setting standards of excellence for the fragrance industry in the UK.

Victoria Moss

Victoria Moss is the Senior Fashion Editor at The Telegraph. She writes designer fashion, sustainable fashion, how fashion affects us as a society and celebrity trends.
Recently she investigated fashion’s cotton crisis. She was concerned by the bad news surrounding the cotton industry and its devastating effects on local producers and labourers. She set out to understand the tangled thread of whether we need to start questioning our allegiance to cotton.

Rosie Green

Assistant to Trinny and Susannah of What Not to Wear fame, Rosie Green is now an award-winning freelance writer and one of the UK’s leading beauty journalists. Her work has appeared in Red, Elle, Vogue, The Times and The Mail.
A respected beauty and magazine cover stylists she has collaborated with world renowned photographers and hair and make-up luminaries such as Tom Pecheux, Laura Mercier and James Brown.

Tanya Grimson

Tanya Grimson is the Co-founder and Editor of maven46.
Tanya has had successful career in the fashion industry having previously worked as a TV fashion features presenter on shows such as Xpose, Ireland AM and The Today Show.
She has over 16 years’ experience in all areas of fashion, from PR to magazine publishing and has worked in both Ireland and the UK.
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