Top 3 journalists writing about social justice issues


Telling untold stories of people who are vulnerable or oppressed shines the light on injustice and inequality. However, with so many different aspects of social justice, from homelessness to human rights, it’s hard to keep up with all the news within the space.

So, we created a list of stellar journalists you can bookmark to get top updates about social justice issues.

  1. Kitty Holland

Kitty Holland is the Social Affairs Correspondent at The Irish Times and has worked with the paper since 1998. Reporting widely on human rights issues such as homelessness, drug addiction, poverty and human rights, her writing engages a wide range of communities around social justice.

Writing socially relevant articles like, I’m here because I am human, Battered and exhausted and writing a non-fiction book Savita: the tragedy that shook a nation, she is a master at explaining the depths of social issues. She never fails to equip and inspire people to do something about the things they care about.
The story of Savita Halappanavar that she broke in November 2012 at Galway University Hospital, sparked national and international debate regarding women’s rights and Ireland’s abortion laws. She went on to win the award for NNI National Journalist of the Year 2013 for her reporting on the Savita Halappanavar story.
A true influencer in the social justice influencer space, Kitty is a journalist you simply cannot afford to miss.

  1. Noel Baker

Noel Baker is currently the Social Affairs Correspondent with the Irish Examiner. An award-winning journalist with more than 15 years experience, Noel writes about social issues, current affairs and homelessness. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Noel’s articles are stand out among the crowd to spread important news.
Writing articles such as, Family cases ‘the poor relation’ of justice system and Govt urged to address mental health services following review into deaths of 13 children, Noel’s articles keep the nation informed about what’s going on around them and what the government can do to help.

With his informative and upbeat writing, you’ll definitely want to see what else this upbeat social affairs journalist has to say.

  1. Joe Little

Joe Little is the Religious and Social Affairs Correspondent with RTÉ News and Current Affairs. With Joe’s unique voice and focus, his news items are a gift to any social justice conscious person.
His socially conscious mindset shines through in articles such as, Concerns raised over foster care services in west and Govt compensation scheme has paid nothing to abuse survivors. His great storytelling techniques will bring you back wanting for more.
These three journalists among others, have certainly contributed to the social justice sphere in Ireland shining the light on inequality.
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