Top 3 journalists covering the refugee crisis


Today marks World Refugee Day, and to commemorate this, we have devised a list of our top three journalists who have actively covered the crisis. Each one offers a comprehensive insight into ongoing events and the lives of Asylum seekers and those who are living in direct provision in Ireland.

Órla Ryan

Órla Ryan is a staff writer for The where she contributes breaking news, political stories and feature articles for the site. Some of her most recent contributions include an investigation into the current events of the refugee crisis and the stories of the lives of those living in direct provision in Ireland.
Órla’s work is featured in Radical Pathways, a multimedia series featured on The which explores integration, radicalisation, and Islamophobia in the context of the refugee crisis. Her most popular piece includes a discussion of how people are responding to the refugee and migrant crisis, one of the greatest crises of our generation. In this particular article, she discusses the dislocation of those fleeing worn torn countries to seek refuge in Ireland. This particular article also gives a harrowing insight into the suffering of those who have fled war-torn countries such as Syria. 

Sorcha Pollak

Sarah Pollack is a print and online journalist for the Irish Times. She is interested in social affairs, particularly immigrant communities living in Ireland, human rights, cultural affairs and is also a contributor to the Irish Times ‘Women’s Podcast’.
She also wrote a feature series for the Irish Times called New to the Parish, which consists of interviews with individuals who came to Ireland from a variety of countries to rebuild their lives. Some of these entries include refugees who sought solace in Ireland after fleeing their war-torn homes. 
One of Pollak’s most recent articles details the distressing case of the death of a South African transgender woman who was living in an all-male direct provision centre in County Galway. In another article, she writes about the change in the SUSI grant eligibility criteria which now, after three years,  provides Asylum seekers better access to third level education.
She also takes a contemporary look at some of the literature inspired by the events of the refugee crisis in a review on The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri.

Carl O’Brien

Carl O’Brien is an education editor for the Irish Times. He was previously the chief reporter and social affairs correspondent and has won various awards for his coverage on topics including health, politics and social affairs.
O’Brien has written extensively on the migrant crisis. Many of his articles detail the shocking realities of those who are living in direct provision in Ireland where many were ostracised and barred from work and welfare.
In a similar feature, O’Brien has contributed greatly to the Irish Times story series ‘Lives in Limbo’. One of his pieces features stories on the lives of the children living in direct provision in Ireland and the many injustices they have been met with over the years.
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