Top 3 Irish Facebook Brand Pages

By Alex Sheehan

Facebook has over one billion users worldwide and over 2 million in Ireland. It’s no secret that it provides ample business opportunities, so which Irish brands are performing the best on Facebook.

1. Tourism Ireland; this Facebook page has an extremely impressive 502,000 likes. It uses scenic photographs of Ireland as the main way to interact with it’s audience, and it really works for them, getting thousands of likes and comments per post. This page also keeps up to date with the ever changing nature of Facebook by creating its own apps such as “don’t miss a thing” and “tell us your story”. These increase interactivity, and boost audience participation. It also advertises Ireland as a bid to boost tourism.

2. Penneys; this Facebook page is also extremely impressive at almost 400,000 likes. Penneys uses great techniques to interact with customers, by uploading photographs of their lookbooks in advance of being on sale, it creates a hype and gets people excited for a particular product. Another great technique they use is to upload pictures of items and fans comment with their favourite, it not only creates engagement but also advertises many products at once. The Facebook page is also used as an information mechanism, if Penneys have any serious announcements a copy of the letter or press release is uploaded. This approach ensure the page and business is take seriously too.

3. Lyon’s Tea; this Facebook page is an extension of the Lyon’s tea campaign. It’s humorous, which Facebook users look for in pages. It also has competitions which encourage engagement and also encourage Facebook users to buy their brand in order to be in with a chance to win. It’s a clever, witty and fun page which obviously works as it has a whopping 239,000 likes.




Alex Sheehan

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