Top 10 tips for great PR teams – MediaHQ eBook

By Anna Henderson
MediaHQ eBook

We know that PR and Communications teams are busy people. Balancing client work, events, managing media relations and your public image is no easy feat.

Ireland’s best PR teams use MediaHQ every day to make the news. We want to share what makes their PR and media relations efforts so successful and how they get the most from their team.

Since our beginnings, MediaHQ has helped send over 185,000 press releases to every journalist in the country, helping shape the Irish news agenda on a daily basis across radio, TV and print.

So we’ve created an eBook to share some of the things we have learned through observing great work from clients such as Fáilte Ireland, daa, Irish Heart Foundation and Revenue. We hope this guide helps you gain the PR success you deserve.





Anna Henderson

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