Times UK and Irish Times caught up in a web

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the timesIt’s all in a name ….

“The Times Ireland” is set to get a new title following a dispute between its UK publisher Times Newspaper Ltd and The Irish Times Ltd. 

The UK publisher has assured it will not use the title “The Times Ireland” for its new online newspaper when it is rolled out to an Irish audience in the coming months.

This comes as a result of an objection by The Irish Times Ltd to the alleged intention by the UK publisher to use “The Times Ireland”. This was an outright violation of copyright, in their eyes.

Furthermore, the new publication, which is said to be part of a seven-day digital subscription package with the Sunday Times,  cannot use names and logos that might be misinterpreted with the ‘IT’ logo.  This could pose huge confusion, it is argued, with the Irish Times online publication which is viewed six million times per month. The main purpose of the legal proceedings was to ensure a name that would not impact upon the Irish Times copyright and also to avoid confusion for the public.

It’s all in a name – and a confusing one at that!

Source:  Irish Times 

Image: The Times




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