The Top 3 tips for gathering feedback from social media

By Alex Sheehan

Social media has changed the way many businesses, including the world’s top brands engage with their customers. Brands can use tools on different social platforms to get feedback from customers and improve interaction with their brand.

Here are the top 3 tips for gathering data for business from social media.

Ask the audience.

Before you spend valuable time and money on an update to an existing service or a new product some simple market research can be carried out using your company’s social platforms.

Online surveys can be created to get feedback on how to improve your service. By creating a link to the survey you can share the survey on all your company’s social platforms.

Engaging your customers and intended target audience on social media can help your organisation to gather some excellent feedback on your business, which can be used to develop new products and services.

Target specific groups.

Finding specific target audiences and information relating to these customers can be easily done with social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn allows users to highlight certain people through groups, which can include their industry or location and Facebook’s new graph search focuses on what users Like, while Twitter allows businesses to interact with customers through focused chats.

Learn from the best.

Looking at other brands on social platforms and comparing how they interact and engage with their customers is a good way of getting feedback from other target audiences. Incorporating what these brands do well on social media with your organisations social platforms can improve customer interaction with your brand.

Source: Memeburn.



Alex Sheehan

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