The ones to watch: RTÉ One launch new schedule


Following the launch of RTÉ One’s new Autumn schedule we here at decided to take a look at some of the best shows the channel has to offer this year. With 35 new shows as well as 24 returning shows we were spoiled for choice, but we have managed to pick the 3 programmes we are most excited for this season. RTÉ One is currently Ireland’s most popular channel and we can understand why with its broad variety of programmes aired on a weekly basis. From documentary to sport, lifestyle to drama, as well as a strong mix news and current affairs programmes, this season really has a lot to offer.


Aidan Gillan stars as former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey in this new three-part drama. This political drama will also star other Love/Hate stars Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Laurence Kinlan, John Connors and Peter O’Meara. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor takes on a very different role as PJ Mara, Haughey’s political advisor. Aidan Gillan is barely recognisable in the new clips from the programme, looking very much like a younger Charlie Haughey. Laurence Kinlan becomes Independent TD Tony Gregory for the new show, a part that is close to his heart as the TD worked in his own local area. The programme will look at Haughey’s dark past and the many scandals that surrounded him as Taoiseach.

This looks like a must see. It will be very interesting to watch our Love/Hate stars take on altogether different roles and also, to delve into the life of the infamous Charles J. Haughey.

Close to Evil 

This documentary follows Tomi Reichental, a Bergen Belson concentration camp survivor, on his journey to meet the woman who held him in captivity in Bergen Belson concentration camp. The 77-year-old is originally from Slovakia but became an Irish citizen in 1977. Hilde Michnia was a former SS guard and had worked in Bergen Belson during his time there. Many of Tomi’s extended family were gassed in Auschwitz  and others were worked to death in Buchenwald.  Tomi ended up in Bergen Belson at nine-years-old with his brother and mother. The award-winning film-makers Seamus Deasy, Kieran Horgan and Gerry Gregg filmed Tomi Reichental on his quest to meet this woman from the darkest days of his childhood who claimed she was a ‘victim of victor’s justice’.

This new documentary is sure the keep audiences on the edge of their seats and show another side of the Holocaust to an Irish audience.

Women on the Inside

This is another a new documentary. The two-part series takes the audience behind the cell bars for a rare glimpse into the life of women in prison. This is a very unique programme for Ireland. We have never seen behind the wall’s of women’s prisons in this manner before and it is sure to fascinating to watch. A crew entered the Irish women’s prisons and taped inmates, getting personal interviews and hearing individuals’ stories. The show hopes to depict what life really is like for inmates in Irish women’s prisons.

The documentary was made by Midas Productions and will focus on the Dóchas Centre, a medium-security, closed prison on the grounds of the Mountjoy Prison Campus.