The Mid-Week PR Read Resource Notes: Issue 13


We know you’re always busy and here at MediaHQ we aim to give you some of your time back thus we’ve put together all the resources you need for further reading on this week’s PR essentials meaning you’ve all the important links under one place.

1. Must-Read Book: Here Comes Everyone by Clay Shirky

Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky is about how the Internet has broken traditional barriers in media and organisations. Shirky speaks about how tools like Twitter offer new platforms for group conversation and idea sharing. It spells out in vivid detail how everyone is a publisher and how the traditional model of journalism and the media is over.

You can buy the book here.

Alternatively, you can be in with a chance of winning this insightful book as we are running a competition to give away a free copy. All you have to do is retweet this tweet.

Last week’s winner was Richard Magnier of MKC Communications. Congratulations!

2. Quotes Of The Week

Gary Neville criticises Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments on immigration after a fan was accused of racism at the Manchester Derby on Friday, December 6.

World Anti-Doping Agency vice-president Linda Helleland responds to the agency’s decision to hand Russia a four-year ban from all major sporting events including the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and the 2022 World Cup. This ban comes after Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency (Rusada) was deemed non-compliant after manipulating laboratory data in January of this year.

Lawyer of Vernon Unsworth, branded a ‘paedo guy’ by Elon Musk after helping in last year’s rescue of trapped Thai schoolboys, responds to the not guilty verdict and its impact on society.

3. Must-Listen Podcast Episode: PRmoment: Inside the Pitch Process

PRmoment’s  ‘Inside the Pitch Process’ takes a look at what goes on between the pitch and the purchase. It gives you an analysis of the pitch process through interviews with Lenovo’s Executive Director, Charlotte West, and 3 Monkey Zeno’s Business Development Director, Rebecca Wagstaffe.

You can listen to the podcast here.

4. Journalist You Need To Know: Sophie Curtis

Sophie Curtis is the Science and Technology Editor for the Mail Online. Having previously held this position at the Daily Mirror, Sophie’s work covers all avenues from how technology can tell us everything we need to know about history, to everything we should know going forward.

Some of Sophie’s work also shows how to manoeuvre through the ever-changing social media apps that we use every single day, including Instagram. After Wagatha Christie-gate, which saw Coleen Rooney accusing her friend Rebekah Vardy of selling stories about her to a national newspaper, Sophie took the opportunity to teach her readers how to block people from seeing your stories.

See her in action here:

Last of the woolly mammoths died on a remote Arctic island just 4,000 years ago

NASA finds evidence of ancient lake on Mars that could have harboured alien life

Moving to Mars: Design innovations that will help humans live on the Red Planet

5. Media In Focus: Gal-dem 

Gal-dem is an online publication aimed specifically at women and non-binary people of colour with the aim of taking control of the way they are portrayed in the media.

Check out the publication here.

6. PR Tactic

For those of you who are regular readers of our Mid-Week PR Read, you know that every week we provide you with tips and tactics to make your PR life easier.

This week, we will be doing something a bit different.

Over the last 10 weeks we have been working to put together a PR bible of 10 Expert PR Tactics for Massive Media Exposure in 2020 to transform you into a PR ninja, just in time for the new year. The best thing about this masterful guide is that it is absolutely free! Download your free guide here.

7. Bonus Content Alert: Another Great PR Resource For You To Read

Getting Heard In A Crowded Field: Dogs Trust Case Study

Take a look at how we, at MediaHQ, helped to get Dogs Trust Ireland much-deserved media coverage for their charitable endeavours by putting them in contact with some of the most influential media contacts.

Much like our aforementioned PR Guide, you can download the case study for free here.