The Mid-Week PR Read Resource Notes


At MediaHQ, we always go the extra mile to make things easier for you and thus we’ve put together all the resources you need for further reading on this week’s PR essentials.

1. Must-Read Book: ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport 

  • Deep Work is an indispensable guide to anyone seeking focused success in a distracted world. To purchase the book, please click here.
  • Alternatively, if you have your winning-streak mojo on, you can be in with a chance of winning a free copy of this book. All you have to do is retweet this tweet.
  • Last week’s winner was Kathryn Mason from Masonry. Congratulations!

2. Quotes Of The Week

  • Fatboy Slim paid tribute to Greta Thunberg in a performance in Gateshead over the weekend, mixing her famous speech to the United Nations into a performance of his club favourite Right Here, Right Now.

  • In the story behind the news of Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, there is a large portion devoted to how the movie producer tried to silence reporting of the allegations against him. For Ronan Farrow, whose investigation for the New Yorker won him a Pulitzer prize in 2018, the effect was that of paranoia as he was convinced he was being followed. Read an exclusive extract of his book here and his interview here.

 3. Must-Listen Podcast Episode: Political Writer, William Davies On Fake News On The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads.

  • The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads podcasts are a collection of the Guardian’s long read articles which are published in print and online. In this episode, William Davies, a political writer and sociologist,  gives a thought-provoking insight into the post-truths phenomena and how the public’s outrage on social media is not only focused on the mainstream media alone but the entire political and economic spectrum the world over. Listen to the podcast on Apple or on PlayerFM.

4. Media Person You Need To Know: Beth Rigby, Sky News

  •  Beth Rigby is a no-nonsense journalist everyone will come to know over the next few weeks as the pot boils over on Brexit. Check out her interview with Boris Johnson at the Tory Party Conference on October 2 where she asked him tough questions without beating about the bush.
  • See Beth talking to Andrea Leadsom about Parliament and Brexit:

  • Beth asking Jeremy Corbin what does he think will happen: Remain or leave with a deal?

  • MediaHQ has a full profile of Beth Rigby, along with another 60,000 journalists working in the media. If you’d like to get a demo just give us your details here, or email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected].

5. Media in focus: Nieman Lab

  •  The Nieman Journalism Lab is an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an internet age. You can access the website is here.

6. PR Tactic: The LinkedIn Post

  • At MediaHQ we have the contact details of every journalist, media outlet, producer and editor. If you’d like a demo on how to use the platform, email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected] or claim your demo here.