The Big PR Question: How do you set a Q3 Strategy for your PR Team

By Jack Murray

The second quarter of 2020 will go down in history as the era of remote working due to Covid19. At the end of June it draws to a close and now is the time to have a sharp plan ready for the third quarter. In many ways the months of  July, August and September will have a massive effect on how your organisaton performs in 2020. Will it be a story of revival or crisis management? The job of your PR team is to manage that process and tell those stories effectively.

Please explain the question?

As the second quarter of 2020 draws to a close it’s time to reflect on what you and your team has achieved and what needs to get done for the third quarter.

So how do you set a Q3 strategy for your PR team?

Write a vision statement

The team leader should write a vision for the quarter. This should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words and should set out in clear detail what needs to be achieved in the quarter. It should be very top line and act as a guiding document for team members. It should be inspirational, and motivational. It should recognise what has been achieved to date and outline what needs to be done next.

Have a written plan

Since the start of Covid 19 I’ve been saying this over and over again. The written word has never been more powerful than it is now. If you are working remotely you need clear direction  – a written plan delivers this.

The starting point for the written plan is the vision statement. It should give clear direction to team members on what the plan needs to address.

Every team should have a detailed three month plan. This allows them freedom and autonomy. It stops everybody getting bogged down in the weeds of every problem and sets out what needs to be achieved. Let team members be a part of writing up this plan. This builds trust and it’s inclusive and transparent.

The written plan should have clear measurable or SMART objectives. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and, timely (or time-bound). If you don’t do this you’re kidding yourself. It gives great focus to a team.

Go with the flow – but be a leader 

Remote work has worked so far because that was what was expected and most people delivered on expectations. In Q3 take your lead from your team, your industry and your staff. Make sure to see what the norms are in your work, but show leadership.

What’s your new reality?

How are you planning for the new reality? Q3 is going to be how the world coexists with Covid19. If you haven’t reengaged yet, what is your plan to do so? How will your once office-based work exist now? How will you manage employee safety or recruit new staff? How is your office going to function, or is it? How do you maintain a work culture?

HR and remoteness are top of the list

Dealing with HR issues and integrating remote work into normal life are two issues that will take a lot of time and resources in Q3.

What plan have you put in place to deal with these two issues?



Jack Murray

CEO at MediaHQ

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