The best blogs by start-ups

By Muireann Beasley

At MediaHQ.com, we value all those Irish start-ups who are about to pave their way in the business world.


The only thing we value higher than a good start-up? A great blog.

So we’re amalgamating two of our great loves and bringing you three promising Irish start-ups who run three brilliant blogs.


1. Trustev

Trustev are a cork based fraud detection company, who monitor your businesses transactions to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity happening through your business. What’s even better than their innovative business idea is their blog. You may think that because their business circulates around figures and fraud that their blog might be tedious, but this is definitely not the case. Trustev’s blog is informative and easy to follow. They provide lots of interesting facts and stats which keep their blogs interesting. Check it out here

2. The Ocean Survivor

Ocean Survivor set up by Limerick native, Kieran Normoyle is a company that is developing new water safety technology. The company’s product will aim to prevent secondary drowning and mitigate the effects of hypothermia in the event of getting into difficulty at sea. Along with their groundbreaking products, the company is also run a fantastic blog. The blog is updated frequently and the posts are engaging, casual and teeming with imagery. Well worth a read. Check it out here.

3. Tr3dent

Tr3dent is a company which creates 3D data visualisation software aimed to help businesses see their data in a natural 3D environment.  Their software allows businesses to visualise and analyse which inevitably helps them to achieve better results. In addition to their nifty business idea they also run a nifty blog. Their posts are informal, witty and always creative. Check it out here.

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Muireann Beasley

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