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By Kate Ryan

Since being founded in 2001, Silicon Republic has become Ireland’s leading news source for Science & Technology. Having won multiple awards, they are now one of Europe’s leading online publications for science, technology, engineering and maths as well as start-up news, information and resources for all people passionate about STEM.

The company’s success lies behind its award-winning editorial team. Their metrics and innovative mindset help keep us up to date on viral STEM issues as well as having assisted Silicon Republic in its expansion beyond Ireland to the European sphere of science and technology. We hope the following information will prove beneficial and valuable to you as we delve into the key journalists behind the company.

Ann O’Dea

Ann O’Dea stands beside Darren McAuliffe as co-founder of Silicon Republic, as well as the founder of the international festival Inspirefest dedicated to science and technology. The festival aims to be inclusive in its merging of diversity and science. Alongside this, Ann founded the highly-regarded Women Invent Campaign which serves to promote the role women have to play in STEM. 2014 was a big year for Ann as she received the Irish Tatler Woman of the Year Award in media as well as being announced the winner of the Irish Internet Association. She also holds a place on the Irish Internet Association’s Hall of fame during the following year of 2015. She became Silicon Republic’s first editor in 2001 the year she co-founded the company alongside Darren McAuliffe, becoming its CEO in 2011. She completed her BA and MA in UCD and she is an honorary member of the Irish Computer Society. Already a successful businesswoman with many awards to her name, in 2016 Ann received the Empowering Women award from Women Mean Business. As a well-accomplished woman, she also holds a position as a board member in the Irish International Business Network (IIBN). She sets a high example for women of younger generations and is definitely someone young girls can aspire to match.

John Kennedy

John Kennedy, another award-winning technology journalist is the editor for Silicon Republic. After joining in 2002 John became the company’s epicentre for news services. He soon took a leaf out of Ann’s book and began receiving awards such as the Irish Internet Association’s Net Visionary Technology Journalist Award in 2005. His dedication towards covering entrepreneurs and their projects won him the David Manley award in 2011. Besides all things technological, John takes pleasure in music, movies, history and reading during his spare time.

Elaine Burke

Elaine is another cog in the well-run Silicon Republic machine. Her role is managing editor of the company’s website After joining as a journalist in 2011, she began to cover topics of devices, new media as well as technological jobs news. Alongside Silicon Republic, Elaine can be heard on RTÉ Radio 1 with her weekly gig related to different STEM topics on science and technology. Having studied Communications and Media Studies in DCU she has a background in publishing and is learned in the trade of journalism. One of Elaine’s primary responsibilities she shares with Shelly Madden is managing and editing the content guests contribute to the company. Herself and Shelly prepare the questions conducted in the company’s video interviews. She writes feature articles and has her own well-earned nickname ‘Critical Red Pen’ originating from her nit-pickiness towards grammar and spelling.

Colm Gorey

After winning an award for editor of Consumer Magazine 2013, Colm joined the team at Silicon Republic early 2014. He works as a journalist covering a range of topics from IoT (Internet of things) to scientific breakthroughs and space innovation. Additionally, himself and other members of the editorial team often contribute to managing and editing the content guests contribute as well as involving himself in the company’s networking and events.

Jenny Darmody

As careers editor for, Jenny has the responsibility of developing monthly and quarterly content strategies. She sources and schedules career-related feature stories which can help anyone enhance their career no matter what stage they may find themselves.  She is involved in the company’s Employer Brand Programme where she advises clients on the development of content ideas. These methods aim to help their company in the process of presenting their brand as a worthy employer in order to attract the best-qualified candidates in science and technology.

Eva Short

Funnily enough, Eva was raised in Silicon Valley which is where she gets her nickname as a ‘digital native’. She is now a roaming reporter focusing on the careers section of Silicon Republic as well as dabbling in the life sciences. She writes as well as edits career stories using her skills in content creation and engagement to enhance the company’s career’s section. Her job is to ensure the company fulfils and hopefully exceeds its viewer target-ship.

Shelly Madden

In September 2016 Shelly Madden joined the team at Silicon Republic having previously worked as a freelancer for a collection of different newspapers. She is now sub-editor for the company’s online articles. As mentioned above, one of Shelly’s primary responsibility is shared with Elaine Burke. This is the managing and editing of guest content as well as preparing the questions conducted in interviews.

These are just a few names standing behind Silicon Republic’s success with many more team members involved in other areas of business as well as additional members of the editorial team. With Darren McAuliffe standing beside Ann O’Dea as the company’s co-founder and publisher as well as many other faces working behind the scenes, there is no mystery behind the company’s affluence. The prosperity of this company demonstrates how a talented team of work-oriented journalists with the intention of diversifying the x from y will pave the way towards company success. This is the rationale behind having been awarded ‘Best Technology Site’ at the Irish Web Awards seven times.

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Kate Ryan

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