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Single Send

Get your press release to the right journalists in seconds. Upload your story, pick your media lists, pay with your credit or debit card and press Send.

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Save time & money

No more searching for journalists’ contact details. Share your story with journalists by choosing from one of our 210 pre-built media lists. Using gives you back time to work on the things that matter.

Ireland's Largest Media Lists Database

With over 6,500 individual contacts, our depth of Irish media intelligence is unrivalled. If you’re looking for a journalist to cover your story, we know them.

Your Story Further, Faster is the fastest way to get your story to more people. In a few moments you can issue your press release from your own email address to our media lists.

How It Works

  1. Copy and paste your release and attach any photos or documents.
  2. Schedule a time and date for release to be sent.
  3. Choose from our extensive selection of media lists.
  4. Review your release and proceed to payment.
  5. The media release will come from your own email address. Once it has been sent, you will be able to view a full report.


Payment is based on the number of media lists you select. An additional payment is required for uploading images.

No. of media lists chosen
Price plus VAT
€65 (plus VAT)
€85 (plus VAT)
€99 (plus VAT)
€129 (plus VAT)
No. of pictures
Price plus VAT

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