How to shake up your PR this summer


Summer is here.

For months we’ve been dreaming about the sun-filled holidays, long weekends by the sea, barbecues and the glorious start of summer office hours. Well, it has finally arrived.

But for PR pros, summertime often means distracted or out-of-office target audiences, prospects and clients. The same PR pros may even sneak out of the office for a few days just like everyone else. And from drops in social engagement and organic website traffic to being short on internal resources while the marketing team begs for leads, the ‘summer plunge’ sets in.
No matter which boat you’re in this summer, you should be able to dust off your PR strategy, shake it and tweak it to finish out the year strong.
Here are some tips worthy of consideration.

  1. Revisit and fine-tune your content strategy

Keeping a pulse on results and taking steps to optimise performance are the norm for PR pros. And with summer marking the mid-year point, it’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into year-to-date performance – not just the last week or last month – and compare to years past. This gives you a more wholesome picture at how your content strategy is moving the compass, if you’re making consistent progress or if you’re on track to hit this year’s goals.
If you don’t have a documented content PR strategy, stop here and make that your summer priority. Your strategy is your roadmap, your single source of truth that everyone has access to. On the other hand, If your strategy is documented and your results review has indicated that you’re losing some ground, put additional efforts behind what is working.

  1. Push the human element to new heights 

Your clients or target audience desire human connection. And you’ve likely taken some steps to humanise your brand to become less stuffy and more credible in your target audiences’ eyes. Summer can be a great time to take that human element to new heights.
One option is to create a blog series focused on company culture and how that fosters the service you provide. Or consider a weekly #FBF post featuring photos and mini stories from team members. Better still, sit down with select members of your team for a simple in-house video. This not only helps you put faces with your company name and mission, but you’re also highlighting subject matter experts who can provide in-depth insight that your audience will connect with.
Injecting some thoughtful humour is another testing consideration if you feel it makes sense for your brand and audience.

  1. Reconnect with other departments in your company to gain new insight and provide extra support 

Generating leads is one of the primary objectives for most PR pros. But as the volume of incoming leads slow down or the trail of some prospective deal closures comes to a crawl in the summer months, there’s no better time for you to check in with your team members. These could be in the Marketing or Sales departments.
It’s not only worth diving into challenges, opportunities or key insights for the year thus far, but also working to identify specific summer audience behaviour trends and the types of conversations sales experts are having with prospects. This may help you identify opportunities to refine and optimise your larger strategy for the year or personalise content to target specific summer audience needs.

  1. Intensify your social media presence

Since summertime is all about social activities – holidays, festivals, restaurants, beaches, barbecues – your clients are spending a lot of time taking pictures or selfies and sharing those experiences. This also means they’re on the lookout for what other people are up to. Sharing photos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or videos through Snapchat increases your chances of engagement and brand awareness even during your slowest season.

  1. Create handy content experiences

In the summer, your target audience and clients are pressed for time. So, make it easy for them to consume and engage. Investing more in content curation can help.
For example, you could start a weekly news post in which you curate information from the top news articles in your industry. Then, you can break those articles down for your audience providing key takeaways and learnings. This saves your audience the time of having to read and analyse each article – instead, you’re doing the work for them.
Looking for a little summer boost to help improve your PR strategy? It’s not too late, MediaHQ is here to make things easy for you. Call Gaye on (01) 254 1845 to find out more or click here.