Secret Ingredient to Brand Storytelling: Taste of Dublin Festival

By MediaHQ

Taste of DublinElectrolux’s secret ingredient for the month is strawberry, but what’s the secret to brand success? Take a look at the Taste of Dublin brand story telling ethos.

The upcoming Taste of Dublin festival has been the subject of much excitement  for foodies and critics alike.

This upcoming weekend promises to be a feast for the senses with a wide range of events organised to celebrate the festival’s 10th birthday.

The fabulous Electrolux brings with it an exiting array of interactive live demos with world class Michelin star approved chefs-that’s 10 chefs in total, one for every year of the festival!

The secret ingredient of @Electroluxtaste for the month of June has been revealed to be strawberries, but what’s the secret ingredient to brand success?

Taste Festivals are an international company who have garnered huge attention with their highly successful ‘Taste of’ moniker.

The Irish editions including the famous Dublin Taste Festival, have grown in popularity over the last number of years because due to their assurance of great quality food. It truly is the social event of the summer, synonymous with world-class chefs and top-notch entertainment.

Great story telling and good communication are two of the most vital skills a company can learn to ensure viability and sustainability in the ever changing, highly competitive market place.

So take a leaf out of Taste of Dublin festival and improve your brand story telling technique.

Sarah O Brien.




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