Do I really need to budget for online media contacts in 2019?

05.11.18 online media contacts

When thinking about budgets for next year, a media contacts database/PR software platform should be a priority. In the technology era, long gone are the days of manually transcribing contacts from a book to create a list. GDPR compliance also has to be factored into any of your online dealings.

The media landscape is one that changes fast, and often. Reporters and editors change job position or move to different outlets.
Stations change programmes, or publications alter their formats. Some companies go out of business and this can all happen on a weekly basis. If you’re not constantly online researching and keeping up to date with the latest media moves then you’re going to fall behind, fast.

We’re here to do that grunt work for you. With Ireland’s only media movements newsfeed as well as holding the largest media contacts database online, our press release distribution platform is here to help.
Here are 5 ways you know you need to budget for online media contacts:

1) If you’re seeing dead people
We bet that caught your attention. Without running the risk of sounding overly morbid, stop sending your press releases to dead people because guess what? They don’t care.

People often come to us for help and we see people sending press releases using lists that have on average of 10-20 dead people on them. Using our system you can remove the contacts immediately and use the contacts database to find out who now works in the job instead.


2) If you can’t stop bouncing

Most PR people are getting over 30 bounces on every press release they send.

An average acceptable bounce rate is between four-six email addresses per hundred contacts chosen. The majority of the time these contacts are no longer active or you have inputted the address wrong, and there are others who should be receiving your press release instead.

With our new traffic lights GDPR feature, you can see the date your lists were updated. If your green light turns to red, it’s now up to you to go in and edit your lists to ensure your contacts are still relevant.


3) If you’re still using a book

If you are using dead trees as your main source of media intelligence then you’re very much part of the old way. It’s 2018, the media landscape changes every day and it’s not viable for updates to be kept track of in paper format. With our online contacts database, these updates are made daily by our dedicated research team. The changes that take place have to reflect on your list or you will not reach your target audience.

At MediaHQ we have almost over 6,000 contacts to choose from–that’s going to make up a fairly hefty book. If this is your chosen approach, happy data entry. If you are a subscriber to MediaHQ you will have access to our newsfeed which tracks over 100 movements in the media every week.


4) If you’re very inaccurate

Even if your emails are sending, if you haven’t updated your media list in a while, the chances are the journalist may have moved job and your press release is no longer relevant to them and their journalist. By not being accurate and keeping an eye on the media movements you could be missing a huge potential audience. That’s where our media newsfeed plays its part.


5) If you’re craving attention

Are you only sending your press release to print journalists? What about digital publications or regional publications? A comprehensive list that covers all media outlets is critical for your press release to succeed.

Thinking this sounds like an awful lot of work? There’s a reason we have a research team. Instead of aiming for the same publications again and again that get 100s of press releases a day, our online database is categorised and tagged to ensure you’re targeting the right people each and every time.


Here at MediaHQ, we offer the largest database of Irish media contacts with over 6,000 contacts on our database and a dedicated newsfeed specifically for job changes and updates in the Irish media. Never be stuck with an outdated media list again.

For more information about our database, please call Gaye on (01) 254 1845 or click here.