Quotes of The Week – 25/03/2020



“Viruses pay no attention to borders, race, nationality or gender. They are the shared enemy of all humanity. And so it will be the shared enterprise of all humanity that finds a treatment and a vaccine that that protects us”


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addresses the nation regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus in the Republic of Ireland.

“We have served London’s business community with a daily paper for 15 years, pausing our print-run only on public holidays. Now, with so few people commuting into the capital and with advertisers understandably withholding their campaigns, it seems we must hit pause again. The coming weeks will not be easy, for anyone, but the board of City AM is clear that the print product will return, and that in the meantime our digital operation will continue uninterrupted, responding to unprecedented online traffic.”


Chief Executive of City AM, Jens Torpe, speaks about the paper’s decision to cease printing in order to cope with the outbreak of coronavirus. Torpe also announced the paper would be cutting staff pay in half in April.

“Even if the current significant health concerns could be alleviated by late summer, the enormous disruptions to the training environment, doping controls and qualification process can’t be overcome in a satisfactory manner,”


The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee on postponing the 2020 Olympic Games.

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