Quotes of the Week May 27th


“This is the first large-scale study to find statistically robust evidence that treatment with chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine does not benefit patients with Covid19 […] Instead, our findings suggest it may be associated with an increased risk of serious heart problems and increased risk of death. Randomised clinical trials are essential to confirm any harms or benefits associated with these agents. In the meantime, we suggest these drugs should not be used as treatments for Covid19 outside of clinical trials.”


Prof. Mandeep R Mehra, lead author of the study into Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug Donald Trump is taking to prevent Covid19, and Executive Director of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Advanced Heart Disease Center in Boston, US.

“Owing to his wife being infected with suspected coronavirus and the high likelihood that he would himself become unwell, it was essential for Dominic Cummings to ensure his young child could be properly cared for. At no stage was he or his family spoken to by the police about this matter, as is being reported. His actions were in line with coronavirus guidelines. Mr Cummings believes he behaved reasonably and legally.”


Downing Street reacts to the Prime Minister’s top aide Dominic Cummings allegedly breaching lockdown restrictions. 

“We’re just having a bit of an earthquake here, quite a decent shake if you see things moving behind me. The beehive moves a little more than most. I’m not under any hanging lights, I look like I’m in a structurally sound place.”


New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden pauses during a press conference as an earthquake hits.