Quotes of the week May 20th


“I think we’re all very afraid of what the state of journalism will be when this is all said and done. I think there are some publishers that are insulated, like us, because we have a robust subscription business. But if you don’t have a robust subscription business, and right now are trying to get by just on advertising…It’s very difficult to survive if you don’t have something else.”

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, the Managing Editor of The Washington Post airs his concerns about the state of journalism after the Covid19 crisis subsides.

“Before the Covid crisis, aviation emissions were going in the wrong direction. This is a moment that has shaken up the industry and raised questions about subsidies, tax breaks and frequent flying. It is an opportunity for governments to think how they support the airline industry.”

Andrew Murphy, an aviation policy officer at the NGO Transport & Environment, said the Covid19 crisis could be a turning point for greening the world’s airlines after decades of inaction.


“While Big Tech has brought wonderful things to our lives, they are also posing a great threat to journalism…the squeeze is becoming a chokehold. Platforms are not just taking a larger slice of the pie, but almost the whole pie. And while the crescendo has been building for some time, now it is more clear than ever – 36,000+ lost jobs in journalism is enough to take your breath away.”

Nancy Dubuc, the Chief Executive of the Vice Media Group, talks about how leaders in the industry need to stand together against “Big Tech”