Quotes of the week 24th of June

By Lauren Keane

“I confess I have tried not to watch too much news when I’m not at work. The relentless grimness of the Covid story started to take its toll at the height of lockdown–I found when I got home I just wanted to switch off, and not engage in more disease and bereavement.”


ITV’s Mary Nightingale talks to the Press Gazette about how she is coping with news in the Covid19 lockdown.



“Reading is a very close-knit community and we’re very united, we’re very strong and it’s very important we don’t allow an act of terror to divide us as we move forward.”


Leader of Reading council, Jason Brock in remembrance of the three people including a teacher killed in a frenzied terror attack on Saturday.

“It’s not an answer to the statue conversation. But I think it’s an early down payment on righting some of that wrong, and a chance to see more diverse people represented in a public realm.”


The mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville on two sculptures created by Thomas J Price and Veronica Ryan that will stand outside Hackney town hall which will become the first permanent artworks to honour the Windrush generation when they are unveiled next year.




Lauren Keane

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