Media in Focus: Prospect magazine


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What is it in a sentence?

An established title in British journalism covering global politics for 25 years.


How will this benefit me as a PR PRO?

Prospect magazine has established itself as an essential voice in the political and economic industry. Since its inception in 1995, Prospect has given a platform to Nobel Prize winning economists like Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya Sen and Angus Deaton. Writers like Margaret Atwood, Clive James and Lionel Shriver have also appeared in the magazine.


This title offers a different type of content to other political magazine as it features lengthy analytic articles, first-person reportage, one-page columns, and shorter pieces as well as debates between two writers with opposing views on a subject, roundtable discussions, an edited transcript of those discussions and interviews with major political and cultural figures.


Unlike most other magazines and newspapers, Prospect aims to be an open-minded media source that “mixes compelling argument and clear headed analysis”.


Who’s behind it?

Prospect magazine was founded in 1995 by David Goodhart and served as Editor until 2010. The current Editor, Tom Clark, took up the position in 2016. He was previously Chair of the Editorial Board at The Guardian. Clark is also a published author. His newest book, Hard Times, tells the story of the 2008 recession and the effect it had on the world.


Other staff include Deputy Editor Steve Bloomfield, Managing Editor Samir Raheem and US Writer-at-Large Sam Tanenhaus.


What type of stories will I read there?

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