Press Release 101: 3 words to delete

By Anna Henderson

(and what words you should use instead)

Here at MediaHQ, our clients have sent over 172,000 stories to local and national media across print, radio and television. Having seen that many press releases, we know a thing or two about jargon and over-used words. 

You might have seen our blog post a while ago outlining 5 words to avoid in a press release. It proved pretty popular, so we’re back with another instalment and this time we want to give you alternative words to use instead. 

The purpose of a press release is to get your message across, without adding jargon and confusing your audience. So without further ado, here are our top three words to delete from a press release, and what you should be using instead:


No one highlights that they have backwards thinking ideas, so this is pretty much a given. It’s jargon, and we all know that it shouldn’t be in your release.

Why not use: innovative, enterprising, imaginative. 

Getting rid of over-used terms can help improve the content and quality of your press release. MediaHQ can help get it further. 


The word iconic is so over-used it has now become redundant. Brand new products/companies are now being called iconic and it just doesn’t work if there’s no solid positive reputation and connotation to back up the use of the word. It can prove difficult to ascertain the true value of a product if everything is dialled up to 100. Unless you’re writing about something that is recognised in the majority of homes, avoid.

Why not use: reputable, exemplary, renowned, well-known. 


Synergy is the result of two or more groups interacting, with their combined effect being greater than the sum of their individual parts. However, synergy comes across as a buzzword and there are much simpler words to use that get the point across quicker.

Why not use: combined efforts, partnership, collaboration, teamwork. 

With our database of over 7,500 media contacts, you can target your press release at the reporters that are most relevant to your story.

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Anna Henderson

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