PR Tactic In Focus: The LinkedIn Post


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What is it?

It is an update post on the social network LinkedIn. It is the most common way that people communicate on the network. LinkedIn is a professional social network.  Ok, what does that really mean? It means that it’s a place where you can stay engaged with your professional contacts about your work. No cat pics or holiday snaps here.

Why should you use it?

You should use it to:

  • Stay connected with your business connections.
  • Build your network and get your company’s message out to your target audience.
  • Report and give insight from events that you are attending.
  • Share useful and helpful content about your work.

How should you use it?

The biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn is that they’re robotic and devoid of any personality. It’s a social network after all. It’s no crime being yourself, well at least it shouldn’t be.

As you grow your social network audience don’t forget that, with every post, you are really talking to just one person and not hundreds or even thousands. Real change and influence happens one interaction at a time. Reading your post, or watching your video is an individual activity and the more clearly you can speak directly to your audience the more successful you’ll be.

Here are the best tips that I can give you about how to share a great post.

  • If you’re sharing a link to a page or an article always say why you like it. “Check this out – It’s really interesting if you are…”
  • It’s a social network – talk to people. Remember the six rules of how to share on social media. If you do one of these things in every post then you’ll be a success.

–Be helpful.
–Make things.
–Share things (Always in context).
–Talk to people.
–Say thanks.

  • Post a video – not all the time, but occasionally. No shaky hands and make sure that you’re well lit. This means you stand facing the light – no need for professional lighting!
  • Have a picture with your story- always have a picture or a video. You’ll get much more engagement.
  • Mention your connections in the post. Simply put @ in front of their name and they’ll come up hypertext linked.
  • Always use hashtags and make the post available to everyone.
  • Some of the things that go great on LinkedIn:

–News – jobs, new products, exciting developments.
–Exciting business developments.
–A blog post you wrote.
–A weekly video – I do one for this newsletter!
–A great post or article you’ve read.
–An update from an event or conference you’ve attended with the lessons you

When should you use it?

At least a few times a week. When it comes to communications tactics or tools. Remember:

“Practice makes perfect.”

The more often you do it, the easier it will get and the more you should learn.

I’ve been using LinkedIn for years and I have grown a very large network in the PR, journalism and media industries. Never forget that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. You should be assiduously growing your network every day.

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