PR Tactic: How to do an opinion vlog


What is it?

It is a piece to camera video giving an opinion on a certain topic.

Why do you do it?

Sharing your expertise and opinion is a good way to build your profile. Video is also a good way to capture people’s limited attention.

How do you do it?

Here are the things that you need to consider:


  • Content


  • What is the theme of your opinion vlog. Remember if you have a good strong theme, you will get more out of it. This means that the time that you invest at the start will yield more results and in subsequent weeks it will be much easier to record. Ask yourself – what do I want to achieve? What insight am I bringing to the content? How will the viewer be more educated afterwards? What problem am I solving? Pick a strong theme and plan the first five vlogs. This will take pressure off you in the first few weeks.
  • Write a blog post, instead of a script – keep it digestible. You are expressing an opinion, you should keep it bite sized and easy to read. Give each of your points a snappy heading so that they stand out on social media and are easy to share.
  • Don’t read it out – have speaking points. There is nothing worse than somebody awkwardly reading out text. Read your blog post a few times beforehand and have it in your hands. Talk through it on camera in a conversational style.


  • Shooting


  • Use the right equipment. I use a lightweight Manfrotto Tripod with an iPhone connection. It is essential to frame the shot.
  • Watch the lighting. I try as best I can to be lit by natural light. You need to observe the light where you’re recording and make a call on it. Never shoot into a light or be blinded by a light. It’s trial and error but the only way you will get better is to practice it.
  • Frame your shot. Pick somewhere visually interesting. Your background is important. I always wear coloured shirts – it’s my thing and adds to the visual identity of the videos.



This is a good example of a video that is well lit naturally and framed properly. It wouldn’t be possible without a good tripod. Notice how the shooting angle is at eye-level – not shooting down and up. Also the background is interesting and would catch the eye.


  • Sharing


Pose your theme and the question to are asking or answering and use the punchy paragraph headlines in your post. Aslo tag those that you would like to interact – don’t go overboard. It will add to the interaction.