PR Tactic: How to do an opinion vlog


What is it?

An opinion vlog is a video blog that gives an opinion on something. Think of it as the same as a written opinion piece but in video format.

Why do you do it?

You do it to share knowledge, to educate people, to get a debate going and to foster engagement as video is a great way to connect with people.

How do you do it?

These are the factors that you need to consider:


    • Write a script to go with your video that you can publish as a blog post.
    • You should keep it loose, consider it as speaking points rather than a strict script. No one likes seeing someone very wooden reading out a script on camera. It shouldn’t be longer than five or six minutes. People won’t stay with you.
    • Here is how you should structure your script:
    • Introduction. Pose the question or topic that you are talking about.
    • Your argument. Get into your argument. Make it in a series of points. Try and give each point a memorable name. It’s easier for the audience to remember and great for social media sharing afterwards.
    • Summary and conclusion. Alway wrap it up neatly at the end and make a summary of your points.


    • Make sure that you have the right equipment. A camera phone should be good enough and you’ll need a tripod to make it easier.
    • Shoot in a quiet place. This will make the sound easier, otherwise you need a wireless microphone and that is just a little bit more complicated.
    • Be conscious of light. Use natural light as best you can. Be aware that some spots aren’t usable at certain times of the day because of light. Light should never flood the lens of your camera. You as the subject should be lit, but not blinded by light. Soft morning or evening light is great. It’s best to experiment with light and get a number of options.
    • Frame your shot. Make sure that you pick a good background for your video. You want it to be interesting but not too distracting. If you are doing it for a number of weeks you’ll need to mix it up too. Don’t always stand in the same place.
    • What you wear is important, it sends a message. Be mindful and conscious of that.