Work smarter with PR software

In the technological age we’re living in there is, more often than not, a software solution for any task we are undertaking and PR activities are no different. There are PR software platforms to help you with every aspect of your campaign but if you’re not working smartly with them then they can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Here at MediaHQ, we know a thing or two about PR software platforms and how they work. You tend to learn a few things when you manage Ireland’s largest online media contact database.


Take the tutorials

When there’s help available to you, it’s usually a good idea to take it. Have you ever tried to assemble flat-pack furniture without the instructions? It doesn’t tend to end well. The same is true with any software you use, you can’t just wade in blind and assume you will be an expert immediately. Take any tutorials the platform offers you. At MediaHQ we schedule you in for your first training session when you sign up and take you through the system step by step over the phone or one-on-one. We also have a handy tutorial system which will kick in whenever we add a new feature.

Keep it simple


It can get a bit overwhelming if you are juggling your activities across a couple of different software windows. You should try and get as much work done via one platform as you can. If you can get a software that has media contacts, a continuous source of information on updates, story hook ideas and a press release distribution tool why wouldn’t you get that all in one place?

Keep on top of things

The media is a fast-moving and constantly changing industry with dozens of changes occurring every day between people changing roles, email addresses and more. You need a software system that can give you the latest up to the minute changes in the media. Our Newsfeed feature on MediaHQ is a great tool for this task and ensures you never miss a beat when it comes to media movements.

Use all the features of your PR software

Make sure you get the most from any software you use by using all the features you have at your disposal. With MediaHQ we have a host of useful features that can help you craft and send your perfect press release, for example, have you checked out the News Diary yet? It’s full of weird and wonderful holidays and events for when you’re searching for an angle for your latest release.

slow news day

Key takeaway

Choose a PR software that offers all communications features on one platform so you don’t have to constantly bounce from window to window while working on a new release. An effective software should allow you to manage your contacts, publish your news and pitch your stories from one place.