Powerful PR Software for Any Team Size

Our powerful PR Software will change the way you do Public Relations. Our built in search, list building, reporting and GDPR tools takes the grunt work out of PR and helps you to break through the noise and make the news.

Used By Leading International Brands

  • The Best Search on the Market

    Our search is the best on the market. Find relevant and accurate details for thousands of journalists and organisations. Our user friendly PR software helps you to turn our extensive database into meaningful results in seconds.

  • Build Relevant and Extensive Media Lists

    Save countless hours by building detailed and extensive lists in seconds through our amazing PR Software. Simply enter your search term and in seconds you have a relevant media list.compared to past releases. All under one roof.

  • Unparalleled GDPR Compliance

    Manage all of your GDPR opt outs in one place. Once a journalist opts out of your press release you can see and manage that through our PR Software in a secure way.

  • Detailed Reports

    Create detailed and relevant reports directly through the software that show you extensive data that helps you be a better PR person.