How PR Pros can make the most out of LinkedIn

04.04.19 LinkedIn

According to the latest figures from, LinkedIn now has over 500 million users with 260 million of those users logging in on a monthly basis. 

LinkedIn is a goldmine for both boosting your company’s reputation as well as your own profile within the industry.

Here are some tips for making the most out of LinkedIn:

Publicise Your Company 


People use it to find jobs and research companies. Be sure that your company’s LinkedIn page is informative and up to date. Use it as an opportunity for some positive PR.

Create a LinkedIn Group

People in PR are always looking for ways to interact with their clients and their client’s target audiences.

LinkedIn groups are an easy way to share information, start conversations, and make new connections. This can be especially useful for business to business services who want to connect with the serious professionals on LinkedIn.

Show Off

Don’t be afraid to add all the little extras that are available to you. With LinkedIn, you can upload presentations, portfolios, and articles. Use these features to show off your abilities, products/services, skills and experience. This will make you and your profile more appealing.

Check for mistakes 

Again, this seems pretty obvious, but it’s important. Don’t be sloppy. Remember, you want to look on top of your game. Mistakes like typos, misspellings and grammatical errors on your profile/posts will make the reader associate shoddiness with you. Make sure to check and check again.