PR back to basics: Do media relations still matter?


We’ve all seen the “Are press releases dead?” articles floating around online but it’s safe to say the era of the press release is still firmly alive. Unless it’s a breaking news story or incident that has been reported on social media, traditional media is still the preferred channel for reaching the public.

Anyone can publish a blog post or tweet themselves, but media relations is a skill that has to be learned and is often one of the hardest aspects of communications.

From creating a story angle that a journalist will want to pick up, to writing and formatting a press release correctly, creating killer headlines and keeping on top of the media industry, communications can prove challenging.

However, the effort is worth it as traditional media still has massive influence in building brand awareness and relations with the public.

Here’s why media relations definitely still matter:

Beneficial to both journalists and PR Pros

Media relations is a mutually beneficial relationship between journalists and public relations professionals.

One of the biggest benefits for journalists is the easy access to story ideas and sources. Working with public relations professionals cuts down on the time needed to look for sources and other information to validate an article’s content. For PR Pros, they gain publicity for a client and get to control the voice associated with the press release.

Traditional media isn’t going anywhere

While we’re living in a digital world, traditional media still has a huge influence. Print may not necessarily be king, but the reputation of the media organisation is.

The public at large still depends on sources like radio, television and print. Even those in the digital space often still get their news and entertainment from what we consider “traditional” media sources. It would be a big mistake to go for an entirely digital strategy and ignore what’s worked for so long.

Increasing Brand Awareness

You may have an incredible product, brand or service but unless people know about it then your efforts are going to waste.

Establishing yourself as a reputable business can be challenging particularly when you’re just starting out. However, when your brand name or logo is attached to a positive media story on numerous occasions, people start to take note. By continuing to be an active presence with different story angles pitched to the media, you can build your company visibility and reputation in order to create a loyal audience.

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