Hiring a PR Agency Vs In-House PR

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By Jack Murray

As is the case with most things in life, both PR agencies and in-house PR come with some positives and negatives. 

We have decided to take a look at both PR methods to show you the pros and cons of each. 

In-house Positives


Probably the main advantage of having an internal PR department is that the team will focus only on the company products and its markets. They won’t be distracted by any external projects.


In-house means having only one client.

This gets rid of many of the elevated costs found with PR agencies and having to deal with several organisations


The time is all dedicated to you.

An in-house PR department can enjoy the luxury of having all the time it needs to find PR solutions.

In-house Negatives 

Less reach/contacts 

If you have an in-house PR department, they may not have as big of a contacts list as a PR agency would, meaning the reach could possibly be limited.


The skills of employees working with an in-house PR department are likely to be broad, rather than having certain people specialising in certain areas of PR.


Employees may have to devote some of their time to PR work and some of their time to other aspects of work, meaning that productivity could suffer.

PR Agency Positives 

Strength in numbers 

PR agencies can have a large number of employees.

This allows them to have multiple ideas from multiple sources on the best way to improve a clients relationship with the public.


A successful PR agency has the power to contact many influential members of the media.

This can be a huge benefit to any organisation that wants to improve its relationship with the public.

Know how 

A good PR company will have skilled, experienced and knowledgable employees who have the know how to improve various client’s relationship with the public.

PR Agency Negatives 

Cost & Focus 

These two negatives go hand in hand.

PR agencies are independent companies. They can have large numbers of employees. This can result in it being costly to obtain their services.

PR companies may also take longer to solve your issues, as they will be dealing with other client’s problems too.

This means they could take longer and end up costing more money.


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