Podcast Episode: Hanson and Hunt – The Talking Points Podcast – The Impact Of George Floyd, Politics And PR/Social, Virtual Job Interviews.

By Ciara Byrne

What is the podcast?

The Talking Points Podcast is produced and presented by Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt where they broadcast relevant news and advice about public relations, corporate communications, social media and marketing. This episode explores the impact of the George Floyd killing, politics and how best to navigate virtual interviews.


Where will you find it?

You can listen to the podcast here.


Why should you listen to this episode?

This podcast discusses the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the reaction of major brands in response to the movement which has followed. Hanson and Hunt discuss the communications aspect of tragedy and explore the ways in which responding, or not responding to it can have an effect on the reputation of a company. They discuss the long term commitments which are necessary to support a movement, saying that though financial donations and social media posts are great, they are not enough to help a cause in the long term.


In this episode the pair discuss the ways in which the landscape for podcasting has changed over the last few months. Less commuting time has led to lower listenership, amounting to the average podcast listener spending an average of an hour less tuning in per week.


Hanson and Hunt look at the best ways to contact a journalist via their preferred platform, with email and Linkedin coming out at the top. Discussing Muck Rack’s ‘The State of Journalism 2020’ report, they reveal that 69% of journalists track how many times their stories are shared on social media and 84% want to maintain a connection with a PR professionals via email. They mention that 61% of journalists said that the press release was still a media staple. It was revealed that Linkedin was the most important social media platform to PR’s in 2020, as a way to share media wins and connect with journalists.


Some of the things they say:

‘If your companies haven’t already had programmes like that in place where they’re encouraging conversations about race, conversations about equality, there’s no better time than the present to start.’


‘The most important tactic for communicators were data and analytics, storytelling and content marketing.’


‘Should we post this? What are people going to say when we do? What are we going to say when they say that? That’s part of the job.’


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Ciara Byrne

Digital Content Executive at MediaHQ

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