Planning your 2019 PR Budget – here’s 3 trends to consider

19.10.18 2019 PR budget

At MediaHQ – we work with In-House PR teams in some of Ireland’s busiest Press Offices – organisations like the House of the Oireachtas, Paddy Power, Dublin Airport, and the Cancer Society to name just a few.

So what do you need to put in your 2019 budget? Here are three ideas:

Story transformation

Story transformation will be one of the trends for 2019.

But what is it?

Are you head of communications in an organisation that bores people? Is it the type of place that people kill each other with bullet points in Powerpoint presentations? Imagine if you were a story-driven organisation where everybody (well most people) could give emotionally engaging presentations that resonate. It is possible and has a massive impact on how your message is received. Talk to us about story transformation, we can help.

Digital Media intelligence

Stop doing data entry from a book. And don’t kid yourself that you know the journalists. Each week there are over 120,000 individual emails sent by MediaHQ users to journalists. There are over 150 changes in the Irish media each week. Sure some are small, but others are really big and you’re not across them. What are the advantages of Digital Media Intelligence?

  1. You have access to more contacts – there are almost 6,500 individuals and over 1,300 organisations in the Irish media industry.
  2. It’s easy to manage lists across a team of people. You can all share the same contacts rather than them being stuck on John or Mary’s computer.


I know, I know you’re thinking ‘Shut up, wasn’t that a big fuss about nothing? Who really cares.’ If you’re a PR manager sending press releases out without a GDPR plan then you’re one complaint away from a problem.

At MediaHQ we turned on our GDPR tool in May and the results have been very surprising.

  • There haven’t been as many journalists opting out of press releases as you’d think.
  • There were a lot of newsrooms with terrible practices that we helped out. Things like 20 people with access to the generic [email protected] email opting out the whole newsroom from important press releases.
  • PR people still don’t understand that you have to have a way for journalists to opt out of your releases and you have to be able to manage that across your PR team.