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Why does nostalgia marketing work so well?

By Anna Henderson
Nostalgia Marketing

In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in popular old products being relaunched with a modern twist. 90s fashion, Polaroid cameras and the Nintendo Switch are just some of the trends and products that have seen a new lease of life.

These brands all recognise the true power of nostalgia. 

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Why does it work so well?

With many companies consistently producing cutting-edge content to try to stand out, nostalgic content creates a sense of longing, reflecting on the good old days when everything was simple and stress-free.

Nostalgia marketing is all about triggering positive memories, evoking feelings of warmth, security, connectedness, and excitement.

There’s no surprise that #ThrowbackThursday is still one of the most popular hashtags on the internet despite the trend being around for a number of years. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can expect to see the hashtag littering your timeline every Thursday as people share content that normally awakens happy memories from times gone by.

With a wide user base, creating social media campaigns can help boost your site’s traffic, generating leads and sales. Nostalgia marketing campaigns on social media generate some of the biggest buzz on the internet as people love to exclaim “aww, do you remember that?”

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Nostalgia marketing is effective because campaigns evoke strong, positive emotions in the customer, which strengthens brand loyalty. This loyalty has the power to sway purchase decisions.

Nostalgia marketing also appears down to earth and in touch with childhood memories, therefore the brand comes across as authentic and once again connects with the audience. Nostalgia allows the audience to resonate with the brand, and that leads to more attention and ultimately more sales.

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