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By Mary Mtabali

Our media list features to eliminate more grunt work for you

At MediaHQ we continuously strive to improve and enhance our media contacts database which is why we are unveiling cool new updates on August 14, 2019. These free updates will help you manage your list features and thus eliminate more grunt work for you.

Our new list management features have been in the works for the last few months and in this blog post, you will get to see snippets of these exciting features.
The free new list updates will be delivered as a key element of and will allow you to manage your lists much better as well as improve the overall functionality of your account.
When you login to your account from August 8, 2019, you will see the following changes on your lists;

  1. New page numbering system

Firstly, on your lists page you will now see up to 10 lists under national, regional or specialist categories. Not to worry the rest of your lists have not been deleted they can be found by clicking across the numbers tab at the bottom of the category. Having 10 lists for each category per page will improve the loading time of your media lists.

As you can see from the screenshot above, your page numbers are highlighted in orange or green at the bottom of each category.

  1. Who owns what media list

Within your lists section you will now be able to see who has created which list and how many media contacts are in that particular list.The regional lists on the screenshot below shows you the name of each list, the person who created it and the number of contacts in that media list.

  1. Merging lists

You will now be able to stay up to date by merging your old lists with new ones. The merging feature will update the new contacts and the existing one. The exciting thing is that there will be no duplicates once the merging feature kicks in. To achieve this, you will select the lists that you want to merge then select merge on the ‘Bulk Action’ tab and hit ‘Apply.’

  1. New traffic light system for GDPR management

You are already familiar with our traffic light system which allows you to see which lists need your attention. From August 8, the colour code will be green, orange and red.  The green colour code indicates that your lists are up to date, the orange is a warning sign that your lists need attention while the red means that your lists need a complete overhaul. The best practice would be to delete them and create a new list.
Remember, it’s always best practice to keep your lists clean by deleting those that you don’t use or get rid of duplicates. The amount of lists you have can affect speed and performance on your account.

Side note–saving you time 

We know you’re always busy so here at MediaHQ we aim to give you some of your time back. We do this by reducing the time it takes you to build your media lists or the amount of time you take to go through them. We prune time off the work you have to do so you can do more of the work you want to do.
If you have any questions on our new list features or any other part of the platform, please give us a call on (01) 473 2050 or email [email protected].



Mary Mtabali

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