Must-Listen Podcast Episodes of the Month

By Mary Mtabali

Let’s face it: There are too many podcasts out in the PR world, which means there are way too many podcast episodes for the ordinary PR pro to browse through.

At MediaHQ, we’ve listened to so many episodes, for work and for entertainment, that we occasionally forget what our own voices sound like (they ain’t cute, to be honest). That constant boatload sometimes can be overwhelming, too. So, in the spirit of showcasing great work amidst that sea of goodness, we’re giving you a snippet of what we think are the best podcast episodes for the month of September.

1. The Journal: ‘Netflix Versus the World’

What’s the episode link?

You will find it here in the resource notes to The Mid-Week PR Read‘s 2nd edition. 

What’s the podcast series about?

The Journal is a new daily weekday podcast by the Wall Street Journal and Gimlet Media. It’s billed as: “A podcast about money, business and power” and “The most important stories, explained through the lens of business.”

It’s a very clever way for the Wall Street Journal to leverage their journalism talent into a fast-moving and relevant podcast. The show is presented by Wall Street Journal journalists  Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson.

Media is no longer about readers eyes; it’s about attention. The curious thing about this production is that it’s done in partnership with Gimlet Media, who have been producing some of the most listenable and thought-provoking podcast content over the last five years. Their dynamic approach didn’t go unnoticed, as they were acquired by Spotify for a whopping $200 million.

What’s the episode about?

In a word–Netflix. It looks at the massive changes on the way in the world of TV streaming. As a PR person, you need to know about how the demand for content has changed and how people are spending their attention.

Why is it a must-listen?

Netflix invented TV streaming and binge-watching. For the last five years, they’ve had it their own way, but that’s all about to end. TV streaming wars will commence very soon with Disney launching their own platform Disney+, leaving Netflix for the Warner’s platform.

2. PRmoment: ‘Dan Neale, co-founder of Alfred’

What is it about in a nutshell?

The PRmoment podcast provides communications analysis of the media. This includes corporate communications, social media and internal communications. They feature regular reviews from a PR perspective and dig deep into high-profile PR campaigns. They also interview leading lights of PR, looking into what it’s like to work in the sector.

The episodes are presented by Ben Smith, founder of PRmoment. Ben started the company in June 2009, bringing together his experience of the PR industry and his passion for publishing what people really want to read about. Ben has a deep knowledge of the PR market–having worked previously at PRWeek and on the consultancy side. He understands PR both from writing about it and actually doing it.

What’s the episode about?

In the latest of their life stories podcast, Ben is interviewing Dan Neale, co-founder and MD at Alfred: an independent PR shop in London focusing on the consumer, entertainment, technology and gaming markets. Dan sheds light into how he was influenced by his father being an entrepreneur and takes a swipe into why too much PR activity is obsessed with short-term objectives, rather than ideas that will help change a business.

Every PR needs to be more confident in its impact –reputation has a huge impact on brands.

Why should I bother listening to it?

This episode is full of personality yet informative and to top it up, it’s summed up in 40 minutes, so you get insights as you hit that killer pitch.

Listen to the episode here.

3. The StartUp Van: ‘The BIG mistakes entrepreneurs make.’

The award winning podcast series shines the light on entrepreneurs about the origins of their successful start-ups. The idea was conceived to change the way the audience consume startup content. They create fun, relaxed, short and shareable videos. It’s very different, but simple.

Presented by Mark McDonagh and Graham Hussey, the lads always emphasise on why it’s crucial to be curious and never to ignore anyone.

Why is it a must-see?

The episode is literally all about skating, falling down and learning to pick yourself up in front of millions. As a PR person, Crisis PR comes to mind here. No brand is immune to PR nightmares but it’s how you handle that crisis that matters.

4. PR Resolution Podcast: ‘Tinder for cows.’

It’s been a year since this podcast was launched for people in PR.  It hasn’t disappointed so far. Hosted by Stella Bayles, co-founder of CoverageBook, the series explores a hot topic in each episode and with the help of an expert dispels any myths and breaks down the jargon. It’s summarised in plain language making it an easy-to-listen-to broadcast.

Why should I listen to it?

Remember that Tinder For Cows PR campaign? Yes, the Tinder-inspired app that was launched to help farmers match up potential partners for their cattle… Well, in this episode,  Stella uncovers why having PR in any kind of business can have a positive impact.

Give these a listen and let us know what you think! PR is an ever-changing industry so it’s great to keep up to date with all the movers and shakers in the PR universe. At MediaHQ, we highlight our must-read PR essentials in our zestful newsletter, ‘The Mid-Week PR Read.’ Don’t miss out, sign up here to get a copy.







Mary Mtabali

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