Must-Listen Podcast Episode: Vicky Saunders, Founder of SheEO on Secret Leaders with Dan Murray

By Ciara Byrne

What is the podcast?

Secret Leaders is a weekly podcast hosted by Dan Murray and produced by Rich Martell which provides a collection of interviews with top-ranking CEOs and business leaders from the UK and US.

Why should you listen to this episode?

As a PR pro, it is essential to understand how businesses work from the ground up. With SheEO planning a UK expansion in 2020, the company will be accessible and may provide opportunity for investment in female-run PR start-ups. This episode is an interview with Vicki Saunders, entrepreneur and founder of SheEO, a company dedicated to funding female entrepreneurs through ‘radical generosity’. SheEO was set up in 2015 by entrepreneur and businesswoman Vicki Saunders. 

Currently, only 4% of venture capital is given to women and 0.4% to women of colour. SheEO works in a simple way, women with thriving businesses donate $1,100 to a pool, which has 500 contributors in total in each country that it has launched in. The women who donate this money do not get a return on their investment, but they do get to choose which business their money goes into. 

Loans are paid back at 0% interest and the money returns to the pool for future investment. Over the last four years, SheEO has had 100% payback rates throughout three different countries. Saunders remarks that ‘Women are great at paying their debts’. 

SheEO provides an online learning platform called Learning Lab, which is specifically designed to help women succeed. It provides tips for how to be the best PR for your business, as well as using technology for growing and promoting a business. 

As a PR pro, this podcast is a must-listen. From learning about the processes that go into creating a successful business to learning about the fastest growing developments, Secret Leaders gives insight into success and growth.

Some of the things that Saunders says:

‘I’m really interested in how you can use technology for efficiency and scale.’

‘Everybody’s working on what they’re amazing at.’

‘When 500 women go and vote for you, it changes the way you think about what you’re doing.’

‘Every month [the entrepreneurs are] encouraged to ask for help.’


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Ciara Byrne

Digital Content Executive at MediaHQ

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