Must-Listen Podcast Episode: Rachel Pendered, Managing Director of Media Zoo, on The PRmoment podcast



What is the podcast?

The PRmoment podcast brings expert insight from professionals in the PR industry to its listeners every week. Ben Smith is the founder of PRmoment and host of the podcast.


This episode of the PRmoment podcast features an interview with Rachel Pendered, the Managing Director of Media Zoo, an independent PR firm in London. Rachel formerly worked as a television producer for Channel 4 and the BBC before deciding to set up her own PR firm.


Where will you find it? 

You can listen to the podcast here. 


Why should you listen to this episode?

Rachel gives expert insight into building a successful PR firm and creating a culture of entrepreneurship within her company. Rachel discusses the liberty of entrepreneurship as a woman and the freedom that comes with playing by your own rules. Only one in three businesses in the UK are led by women and Rachel is determined to influence a change in this statistic. 


According to her research, only eight per cent of start-up funding goes to women, meaning it is more likely to attract funding in Saudi Arabia as a woman than in the UK. Rachel mentions that telling the stories of successful women is the key to encouraging young female entrepreneurs, as well as providing more funding to female-led startups.

According to Rachel, up to £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if the entrepreneur gender gap was closed. Ben suggests that you only need one good idea, so continually thinking of ideas is a good start to beginning your own business. 

  Rachel Pendered and host Ben Smith


Media Zoo was founded by Rachel Pendered and her former boss from the BBC, Mark Killick. In the beginning, Media Zoo was intended to be a production company, made up of a collective of professionals who would work together, but simultaneously on their own terms. After a few years and some failed series for Channel 5, Rachel and Mark decided to change the direction of Media Zoo from a production agency to an independent PR firm, as there was a shift in the industry at that time. From there, Rachel and Mark built a £13 million business, with over one hundred and thirty employees.


The Media Zoo team is made up of a variety of experts, from PR professionals and television producers to media consultants, the company has a wealth of knowledge and talent to help provide effective communication to those in the PR industry.


Some of the things Rachel says:

‘If you can see her you can be her’

‘Just telling the stories of successful women itself is important’

‘There’s an awful lot of baggage around the image that people have around the word entrepreneur.’

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