Must-Listen Podcast Episode: PR moment: Inside the Pitch Process

Must-Listen Podcast Episode: PRmoment: Inside the Pitch Process

What is the podcast?

PRmoment’s ‘Inside the pitch process’ takes a look at the process of pitching to and winning clients through an interview with Lenovo’s Executive Director, Charlotte West, and 3 Monkey Zeno’s Business Development Director, Rebecca Wagstaffe.

Why should you listen to this episode?

‘Inside the pitch process’ is essential listening for any PR Pro as it is a discussion with a PR buyer and a PR seller. Charlotte West focuses on what makes a good pitch from her experience at Lenovo, while Rebecca Wagstaffe brings her perspective of selling pitches for 3 Monkey Zeno. Some key issues discussed throughout the podcast include how a pitch decision scorecard is weighed, whether the pitch process is about the creative idea or how quickly you can build a relationship with the people you are pitching to.

As a PR professional, knowing the ins and outs of the pitching process is essential. This podcast delves into the details of pitching from two experts in the industry. The first hand knowledge and advice given by Charlotte and Rebecca is essential listening for any PR person. The podcast takes an in-depth look at issues facing those pitching and those who are pitched to, including whether a creative idea or relationship building is more valuable, and parity and equality in the PR industry.



The podcast discusses different approaches to the same brief and the importance of taking time with a pitch to let ideas percolate and become something special. Charlotte speaks about Lenovo’s approach to diversity within agencies that they work with and the value that this brings to the pitch process. ‘We want a broad picture of you as an agency and how diverse you are. […] We were looking for an agency that had a global footprint’. Charlotte discusses how global thinking is essential within a company to bring new ideas from different ages, genders and people from around the world.


Some of the things that Rebecca and Charlotte say:

‘Sometimes clients don’t know what they want until they see it’
‘On our best day and our worst day will these people have our back?’
‘It’s not always about the big ideas’
‘Team chemistry is phenomenology important’


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