Must Listen Podcast Episode: Look Left @ Marketing: Mark McClennan on Ethical Voices in Public Relations

By Ciara Byrne

What is the podcast?

In this podcast, Mark McClennan, the principal of EV Strategic Communications, speaks to Bryan Scanlon of Look Left @ Marketing about ethics and public relations, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. The outbreak has brought a set of unique challenges to the world of PR and brands themselves.


The podcast addresses the ‘new norm’ when it comes to working remotely. Ethics plays a big role in this especially when you’re working with clients and businesses. If you are working from home, perhaps your apartment block has public wifi. This could lead to a breach as people have easier access to your personal and security information on a public wifi server. How to charge your clients for your time? What do you do when you have a video call with your client and your family can overhear classified information? All of these ethics related things could amount to you breaking data protection or client privilege laws.


Where will you find it?

You can listen to the podcast here.


Why should you listen to this episode?

At the moment, consumers expect brands to have purpose front and centre. They will award the companies that do and punish the ones that don’t. The pair advise that, in these times, companies should do what is a natural extension of their brand and its values. According to an Edelman survey, 90% of respondents want brands to work with the government or relief agencies, 50% say helping out is essential and 71% said that companies that prioritise profits over people will lose their trust forever.


Some of the things that they say:

“Before you could take time to think up a plan but now people want a reaction immediately”

“The worst time to address a crisis is in a crisis” 

“You need to build up the trust bank first”


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Ciara Byrne

Digital Content Executive at MediaHQ

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