Must-Listen Podcast Episode: Brian Rowley, Panasonic Marketing Leader In The Echo Chamber with Diana Marszalek


What is the podcast?

The Echo Chamber is a Holmes Report podcast and each week they interview leading PR or marketing guests to offer authoritative voices on the latest developments in the global PR industry and branding world.

Where will you find it? 

Listen to the podcast episode on Apple or on PlayerFM.

Why should you listen to this episode?

Every PR pro wants the brand they represent to stand the test of time and stay relevant by attracting a new league of audiences. This podcast offers a few insights on how to do this. The Echo Chamber episode is all about Panasonic’s successful journey and how it has stayed ahead of the game over the years by transforming its brand from a traditional consumer business to an innovative solutions-based business.

Its Marketing Vice-President for North America, Brian Rowley gives a fascinating insight into the company’s journey over the past 100 years. He talks about how the brand has shifted its focus from providing household electronic appliances to offering advanced technological solutions to businesses.

Rowley is an accomplished marketing professional who joined Panasonic in 2016, tasked with changing the perception of Panasonic in the US from a TV and radio company into a company creating 21st-century technology for businesses. He previously worked with Verizon Wireless as Director of Connected Devices.

The main lesson to be drawn from this episode is the importance of making sure that the brand you represent doesn’t stay stuck in a rut. The episode reveals the significance of continuously employing effective strategies that reflect the change of times in the market. As long as you refocus its branding to move with the times, it will always remain relevant and attract new audiences.

Panasonic was founded in 1918 by Kōnosuke Matsushita as a vendor of duplex lamp sockets in Japan. Over the past decade, the company has been doubling its efforts to reaffirm its place as a business technology giant in the US and globally.

Their recent strategy has been to extend the Panasonic brand recognition into the B2B sector–especially in the under 30 age group who might not be very familiar with the brand.

Some of the things that Rowley says:

“The challenge is to relate to the newest buyers, the millennials. How do you make your brand relevant? How do you create that awareness? We work with our PR team to employ video storytelling techniques so that the story side feels genuine. People love stories and the newest buyers prefer visual media so your content should reflect that.”

“We try to create an experience with the client tailored to what they are looking for. We place emphasis on the education side of what we do. When doing a transformation, it’s critical to understand and solve your customers’ pain points. Technology is evolving, it’s an exciting time and it’s important to be relevant.”

“We still look at things on a quality perspective. We are still world leaders when it comes to delivering computing products, entertainment systems and communication solutions. Over 70% of the company’s global revenue is generated outside the consumer market.”

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